Thursday, January 24, 2013

Easy and Versatile Wreath

First of all, let me say that I’m a little embarrassed to be writing this post.

Why? Because some of you bloggers and Pinterest freaks (by the way – follow me!)  out there are super duper crafty and will laugh at my creations. 

BUT, I don’t even care. Maybe, just MAYBE, this post will help someone who is a little craft-challenged like myself.

So, if you’re laughing at this, you’re welcome.

If you’re inspired to make your own versatile wreath, you’re welcomer.

How it all started…

One fall day, after a few glasses of wine, my BFF Whitney and I decided to be cute little wifeys/girlfriends and make wreaths for our house/apartment. She’s the wife in the house, I’m the girlfriend in the apartment….but hey, I’m not jealous of her awesome life or anything.

I must have had on monster heels! 

I was using this burlap wreath tutorial as a guide, but I quickly turned into a grumpster-dumpster when my wreath was looking NOTHING like the tutorial. So, I ditched my metal wreath form for a simple Styrofoam wreath form. Then, I simply wrapped the burlap around the wreath, bunching it up and pinning it as I went. 

The wonderful thing about a burlap wreath is that it’s SUPPOSED to look not-perfect, so I succeeded! Also, you can stick straight pins right into the Styrofoam wreath. How fun is that?

(There would be a picture of my plain burlap wreath here, but I didn’t take one. Blame the wine.)

Now came the time to decorate! I got all of my fall decorations at JoAnn Fabric. Then, I learned my lesson and got cheaper winter/Valentine decorations at the Dollar Tree, Kmart, and Pier 1. WAY cheaper, but still cute!

Part of me really wanted an excuse to use the hot glue gun, BUT at the last minute I had a thought – If I continue to use pins for the decorations, I could use this wreath for the REST OF MY LIFE. So, I highly recommend pinning on your decorations for easy removal. Remember, you’re smart and using a Styrofoam wreath form, so it’s easy to stick in pins!

My Christmas bows and snowflake ornament came from Kmart. I first made the wreath without the “Welcome” sign, but then I missed it, so I pinned it back on. Now, it’s there to stay.

I just recently updated my wreath for Valentine’s Day. I got my cute hearts from Pier 1. Also, while I was there, I picked up an owl ornament for my Christmas wreath NEXT year. It was only 54 cents. Original price = $5.95. Winning!

The Valentine’s Day wreath could probably look a little bit better….but like I said, I’m craft-challenged. Deal with it. Feel free to brag and show me YOUR Valentine’s Day wreaths so I can get some ideas for next year!

I’m looking forward to decorating for spring. Tulips? Birds? Bunnies? What do you think? 

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  1. I like your wreaths. Your craft skills are somewhere between mine and Moms (which is a wide space).