Monday, January 14, 2013

The Girlfriend

Did anyone else read that Eric is going to start cooking??

Reasons why this scares me:

  1. 1.     One time I asked him to make (by make, I mean pour hot chocolate packet into mug and add milk/water) me hot chocolate in the microwave and he was not capable.
  2. 2.     I saw him looking at a “recipe” for fish tacos. It involved canned tuna, flour tortillas, and the microwave.

We shall see…maybe he will surprise me! Surprise me….should that be reason #3?


Time for my introduction. I’m the girlfriend – Abby. I’m lucky enough to live here in Charlottesville with Eric and our precious pup, Charlie. Charlie has many nicknames, and I talk about him a lot, but I’m sure you can keep up. He’s a Cavachon/old man/baby. He’s also SPOILED, but hilarious. Hopefully you’ll laugh at his shenanigans as much as Eric and I do. Well except for that one time he got drunk off of red wine and stumbled around the apartment, diarrhea-ing everywhere. That was not funny.

My Loves <3

In MY blog posts, you can expect to find pictures of Charlie, yummy recipes I’ve either created or found via Pinterest or via my ridiculously large collection of cookbooks. I’ll probably include some cool things about us, some cool things about Charlottesville, some reasons to laugh at Eric, and some things/ideas that are important to me. I probably WON’T include all of my awesome invention ideas, because you will steal them. I mean….Ice-Pack Lingerie. I know, right? Genius. Don’t steal it. But DO send me some ideas of clever brand names for Ice-Pack Lingerie. 


  1. I'm excited to see more of your posts!

  2. Replies
    1. That could work! I like EricWhyWontYouInstallaCeilingFan Lingerie, but it's kinda a mouthful.